A saddening video of an ISIS child suicide bomber aged 12 or 13 being stripped of his explosive belt moments before it was about to be detonated has emerged on the internet.
The boy was in a t-shirt which says Lionel Messi on the back, reportedly burst into tears as he was detained by Iraqi police in the city of Kirkuk, north of Baghdad, yesterday.
Soon after his arrest, there was another news of a minor suicide bomber who killed 51 people on a wedding party in Turkey.
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It has led to fears children being increasingly inducted and used by ISIS to carry out deadly attacks. Two other suicide bombers blew themselves up in Kirkuk on Sunday.

It has been claimed the boy was planning to blow himself up outside a Shia mosque. The belt was later detonated safely away from members of the public.

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Image and video courtesy: Daily mail.co

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