Women in the country are looked upon as caregivers, mothers, and wives. They are not considered women but are thought as outcasts when they become independent of men, who on the other hand, are supposed guardians of women by law.


Clerics promote marriage relentlessly and often cite the prophet Muhammad, who is quoted as saying about his own marriage,

“He who does not follow my tradition is not my follower.”

More than 60 percent of students in Iran universities are women, according to official statistics.

“Because of higher education, women have higher expectations,” Azadi said over tea at Tehran’s aging Naderi café, a onetime haunt of artists and intellectuals. Azadi is fluent in Russian and English. She is a graduate and is fluent in both Russian and English.

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Iranian women

“You can’t marry a normal Iranian man who will limit you and say, ‘Don’t work; don’t go out.’ These days it is difficult to find a really open-minded Iranian man. They are lagging behind us.”

Women like Azadi still hope that a time would come in the country when more and more men will be able to understand the quality of women like them. Till then, they have to fight against the traditional convictions that say women cannot stay single.

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