Iran, also known as the Islamic Republic of Iran is a country run by conventional Islamic tradition. In this country, a divorced woman is looked upon as a woman available for sex. Every day, Iranian women are fighting a war against the country’s traditional convictions. When Fahimeh Azadi moved along into an apartment in the working class of southern Tehran. Although she managed to survive an undisturbed life in the apartment, but she also had to maintain certain things to get the peace.

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Iranian women

He presence was supposedly the, “a walking challenge to the men.”

Today, she lives as a single woman in the genteel part of town. Azadi belongs to a certain belt of Iranian women who are defying the strict conventions of the Islamic Republic to remain single. They are not just defying the country’s convictions, but are also going against their parent’s expectations. More than 3 million educated Iranian women over the age of 30 are found to be unmarried in the country. These numbers are increasing by the day because more and more common women are attending universities and receiving an education.

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