An Indian Army Cadets video showing trainees being brutally beaten with sticks is spreading like wildfire on social media. The video posted on Facebook has already been viewed more than 2.5 millions of time. Most of the online users of Facebook and Twitter have condemned the act asking whether such treatments are considered “normal”. There are some users also who have commented this being a “toughening up” lesson for the new army recruits.

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The disturbing video shows few men wearing T-Shirts with the word “Army” on the back. They are seen beating up Indian Army Cadets with sticks and lashing their backs with a rope.

The young recruits are seen crying out in pain, but those who are beating them seem to be spurred on by the cries.

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Also one of the men participating in the beating tries to gag one of the cadets, presumably to quiet him so that high-ranking officials don’t hear the brutality as it is being meted out.

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