It is every girl’s best friend because no one can gives her company like it does. Woman and their lingerie share a lover hate relationship throughout their time of existence on this mortal world!

It gives her the confidence to look more beautiful. It’s not her dress or makeup then what is it?

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It is her BRA!  😛

No wonder, this tiny, padded and sometimes un-padded piece of cloth is inseparable from a woman, just like an underwear is for men! But what happens when she loses her bra inside a pond? Obviously, she asks someone to get her bra as she is wearing nothing at that moment. Now, here comes the real fun when this woman just dropped her bra in the pond and asked men to get it.

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The prank wasn’t just funny but indeed scary for many of them. Because when those men went into water to get the bra back, something weird happened, like really weird. And similarly the reactions are insanely funny. I wonder if it was a men’s underwear instead of a bra, then would we get the same reactions? To see what happened next, you need to watch this ‘BRA’ prank.

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