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For a ‘normal person’, sex is the most private event that takes place between the four walls of a room. But have you ever thought how we have reached to such a level where we feel free to talk about it openly?

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This is because sex had been a practice since ages. We think that adultery is affecting our youth but the fact is it had always been practiced in the past too. Also, sex had always been getting people in and out of trouble. Here is list how sex has changed the course of history.

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1. Vibrators originated as a cure for female ‘hysteria’

This is really strange that a man’s tool in history has become a women’s tool of pleasure now. Before the 20th century, women complained about erotic fantasies, anxiety and wetness between their legs. Doctors referred  to it as ‘hysteria’. Doctors suggested massaging the genitals of the women with an electromechanical vibrator.

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