Heard about Harry Potter yoga ever? A well-known workout programme is making people think differently. This new workout program that is equal parts fun and good for you. Working out isn’t always going to be the favorite part of our days, and it certainly isn’t always magical. And if you are really a Harry Potter fan, then this workout will be all the more fun for you.

Two sisters from Austin, Texas decided that it was time to change workout. Certified yoga instructor Isabel Beltran and her sister Ximena Larkin got the idea to run a themed yoga class in Beltran’s regular yoga group, called Pints & Poses, that meets in a brewery run by Beltran’s boyfriend called Circle Brewing Co. Together, the three managed to wholly reinvent the idea of what yoga class looks like. Instead of taking you to a place of peak physical fitness and inner peace, this yoga class took you somewhere far more amazing: Hogwart’s.

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As Bustle reports, the Harry Potter-themed yoga class was an instant hit, and sold out incredibly quickly. Class participants were given a wand to increase their magical yoga, and took part in poses like Slytherin cobra poses, Downward Fluffy, and Reverse Wizards, which you can see in the picture below.

Reverse wizards, please✨ Photo by: @alexagwagner

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The class took place in October, and was one of the several themed classes that Beltran had dreamed up with her boyfriend. Incorporating Harry Potter with a class scheduled around Halloween was the perfect way to pair up her favorite fandom with her own Mexican heritage.

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The class, called Deathly Hallows Yoga, was such a complete success that she even created a follow-up class, Magical Creatures Yoga. It’s exciting to see the ways people are incorporating fandom into their healthy living, and we can only hope there are more of these Potter yoga classes to come at Pints & Poses…and maybe that these classes catch on in more places across the country.

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