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Technology as we know has been proved to be evil time and again. AI assistants of the tech giants had done some goof-ups over the years. We know how Siri gave a guide to how to hide a dead body and helped some criminals in a murder case. On one hand as this AI methods are pretty helpful on the other some people always find a way to misuse them.

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But not always. Here is an example how Google helped save a girl, who was about to commit suicide.

According to reports, a 24-year-old girl from Bareilly decided to commit suicide after her boyfriend left him under family pressure and as we go through even while choosing a restaurant, she decided to search ways to end end her life easily.

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While searching “How to commit suicide”, Google along with other options showed the “Suicide Helpline Numbers”. The girl gave it a second thought finding that option and called up the nuber, which belonged to the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of police.

“On January 3, I got a call from the girl on my public number. She was quite nervous and was about to end her life. She told me she had even searched how to kill herself on Google. Among the search results, she told me, she found my number. I heard her out and told her to come to my office so we could talk about it in detail,” said the DIG.

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