Every year there are a bunch of new trends and all of us are drooling over them. Hair-trends are so in right now. And it has become a form of art from just a fashion statement. Initially hair colouring started with streaks and then vibrant coloured highlights. wELL, 2016 trends have taken itself a step above!

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The brand new trend of colouring hair with glow-in-the dark hair colour is visually a treat. Let’s not go to the damages. It’s not time yet! It’s fresh and it’s new. And it definitely deserves a big thumbs-up from our side.

During the day, one would witness anything from shades of the galaxy, pumpkin spice ombres to fiery locks. If a particular color combination works, it exists. If it could be justified as a color combination, it exists.

By the night, the hair lights up with its glow-in-the-dark streaks. Here are some pictures of what this hair actually looks like.

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Good news if you are skeptical, these insane hair-dyes also come in natural hues like brown, black etc.

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