GIF: This is what happens when football players get too close!

Football players are always in the mood to fight with each other. If you know what I mean. A football field is a place where you can see players getting into rather nasty fights. Remember the time, France lost the game against Italy by an inch in the year2006 ? Yes, I am talking about the ugly fight that Zinedine Zidane got himself into in the finals. If that could have been avoided, then it would have been definitely France and Italy to win the trophy. Anyways, that’s all in the past and let’s concentrate on the present now.

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Players get close,

  1. If they are fighting.
  2. If the players are guarding as a fence against a free kick.

Now, in this GIF that we are about to show you, you will see two football players getting cozy in a different manner, which is usually not the case always.

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