Bridgette and Paula Powers, pair from Queensland, Australia, insist they do not rehearse conversations before they spoke in unison on Good Morning Britain for a good 4 minute. It’s true that some miracles come in pair!


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The sisters insist on the fact that they “automatically” sync together  and it is not even close to being rehearsed. ‘We don’t know how it happens,’ they say. The longest they have been from each other is just 72 hours, that too when very young.

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The pair – are both vegetarians – and have no distinguishing features and still sleep in twin beds. They have been diagnosed with both blood, heart and bone diseases.

In the interview, with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid the twins say they have no time for men and devote lives to rescuing seabirds off the Australian coast. TV hosts look shocked as the 42-year-olds explained their passion.
When questioned by Piers Morgan over their love lives, the pair say they are ‘very, very busy’ – and claim they have no time for men.

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This one amazing response blew our wits off when asked about men: ‘If he hasn’t got feathers then he’s got no hope.’ 

Check this incredible video out:

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