Australia’s first women’s sex club is all set to be inaugurated in Sydney on Saturday night. The Skirt Club culture began in London some three years ago. It has branches in the US and this time, they decided to open a branch in Australia.

women's sex club

The inauguration ceremony will be hosted by 50 women, who will take up a pseudonym throughout the evening.

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women's sex club

The director of the club, Renee Nyx, and the host of the Sydney club, Jessica Wilder said that this club is open to all women with open minds.

women's sex club

When asked about the entry of men in the club, they had to say this-

“It’s about putting women and the desires of women first. Women explore their desires and do it in a really relaxed and comfortable environment without the prying eyes of men or the expectations of other people. It is completely up to your own desires. Some people like to come along and have a cocktail and mingle and have a chat with like-minded women and nothing more, that’s absolutely fine,”

So, ladies are you listening?


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