Have you ever tasted a flying ninja, oops, I mean a flying pizza? No? Then worry not, as you will soon get a pizza delivered at your doorstep. The world’s first pizza drone delivery system was claimed in New Zealand on Wednesday and it is to be believed that the system will soon make way for a hot future market.

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Domino’s said that it has used an unnamed aerial vehicle to deliver two pizzas to a customer in Auckland. Don Meiji, the firm’s boss said that drones will become an essential part of pizza deliveries.

pizza drone delivery

“They can avoid traffic congestion and traffic lights, and safely reduce the delivery time and distance by travelling directly to customers’ homes,” he said.

“This is the future. Today’s successful delivery was an important proof of this concept.”

According to him, the tests would be continued at Whangaparaoa this week. The delivery area will be expanded over the year. Domino also expects to examine using drones in countries like France, Belgium, Australia, Japan, Germany, and Netherlands. In March, the company will unveil a robot cart being trialed in New Zealand. It is claimed to be world’s first driverless pizza delivery vehicle.

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