Men need to check what they eat every day. Men would be happy to know that even steak includes on the list that we are going to share with them. London based, and well-known nutritionist, Rob Hobson reveals that men just like women also need to eat foods like tuna, salmon, and herring, which are rich supplements of  omega-3 fatty acids. Check out the eight foods for a good health.

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These foods have been found to reduce the risk of heart diseases in adults. The steak contains high levels of zinc and it helps to boost the immune system of men.



eight foods

Fish should be there in your diet because it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Trust us, they are essential for your body. They help to reduce the risk of heart diseases and in return help you to live longer.

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eight foods

Red peppers should be in your diet because they are rich sources of vitamin C and a single portion is enough to provide you 200 percent  of your recommended daily intake. If you want to become a father soon, then vitamin c, then you need to intake more and more of these foods, as they help in preventing clumping of cells together. 

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