Thousands of people come to Delhi, the heart of India, for further studies, jobs and better opportunities and buses become the primary medium of travelling for them. But, coming from small cities and other metropolitans, they might be a little misinformed about Delhi buses. Although apparently same to the buses run by the other state governments, it has a lot of distinctive features. Some of them are as follows:

1. The shameless lot: Women, you could spot them when you get on the bus and see that the seats reserved for you are being occupied by some shameless men. They won’t budge from the seat, and if you are brave enough to stand in front of them they will just give you brazen looks that say they are not doing anything wrong. So, newcomers beware and learn how to shout on men like these so that they give you your seat. DE02_NEW_CITY_P_DE_1382318f source 2. Up and downs: Some of the buses run by DTC have this superstructure designed inside their structure, so, you really have to be careful about where you put your foot. Otherwise, get ready to be made fun of when you fall down. DTCGreenRed source

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3. The best job! People coming from Kolkata and other cities, where the conductors go around asking for tickets, would really help from this. Delhi conductors have the best job. They sit on their reserved seat while the people (even in a crowded bus) have to come to them and ask for tickets (the alternative is travelling ticket-less which has has a 200 rupees fine attached to it if caught). . bus1--330x220 source 4. Not for all: This is probably the best thing Delhi government has done for women safety. There are women only buses on some routes which are not as frequent but do exist. Even the conductors are women. download (2) source

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5. Better careful than sorry! After the conductor and the driver, thieves are probably the people who travel most in Delhi. Pickpocketing is a major issue in the DTC buses, and if you are careless even for a minute, you could lose your wallet, phones and even your handkerchief. images (1) source

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