For some, the beginning of Donald Trump’s tenure as president is marked by uncertainty and fear.

But inauguration day has been made a little sweeter by one London-based firm, who recreated the businessman’s head using candy.

We captured the hour-long process on camera, which saw a variety of coloured sugary pastes hand-moulded to resemble the new most-powerful man in the world.

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The Spun Candy team started with a ball of candy with the distinctive orange hue of The Apprentice star.

Eyes, lips and a nose were then moulded – and at that point the face bore a passing resemblance to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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After some more detail-work, the famous mop of blonde hair was added to the mix.

It was placed on top, and a tool was then used to give it the trademark bushy texture.

The end result is a scarily accurate giant lollipop big enough to cover your face.

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