Donald Trump in every of his public speeches has made one thing clear: He is a great businessman and he is the best candidate to run the United States of America!

Although this statement may sound hilarious after you read through this article.

Mister Trump claims to have a fortune of around $4.5 billion, according to Forbes, that he is sat on having built up a huge property portfolio. However much we hear him brag about his own self and his financial capabilities, it still sounds dicey!

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The New York Times revealed on Saturday that Trump is at least $650 million in debt while a large proportion of his wealth is tied up in ‘passive partnerships’.

Oh, and there’s the small matter of $2 billion owed to lenders, some of whom are said to be Chinese – the same Chinese he has accused of wrongdoing previously.

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All this has come to light after an investigation into all publicly available financial documents around Trump. His private tax affairs are yet to be disclosed as he thinks it’s none of voters’ business.

In conclusion we offer hearty wishes to America for their upcoming elections and their prospective President!

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