Who cares about them anymore? This is all about attracting attention. This is all about branding. This is all positively Trumpist. Nazari admits to it.

“By naming this species after the 45th president of the United States, I hope to bring some public attention to, and interest in, the importance of alpha-taxonomy in better understanding the neglected micro-fauna component of the North American biodiversity,” he said in the release.

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Despite the fact that Nazari admits this is a humorous reference to Trump, this isn’t the first time some tiny thing is being named after a president.

Last month saw the inauguration of Tosanoides obama.

Dr. Sylvia Earle presenting the new fish to President Obama, Image courtesy: reefbuilders.com

Yes, at least this is a new species of coral-reef fish and not an insect that’s so desperately attracted to the light.

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But coral-reef fish just float around, congregate in a vaguely socialist manner and look pretty. Moths can annoy you, keep you up at night and eat your clothes.

Moths are, therefore, far more exciting.

Featured image courtesy: thesun.co.uk

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