The Delhi Court has announced that sons will now have no right to their parent’s house. A son, whether married or unmarried, has no legal right over the house bought by his parents, and he can reside in the house only at the parents’ ‘mercy’, said the Delhi High Court on Tuesday.

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Delhi High Court

“Where the house is self-acquired house of the parents, son whether married or unmarried, has no legal right to live in that house and he can live in that house only at the mercy of his parents up to the time the parents allow,” Justice Pratibha Rani said in an order.

“Merely because the parents have allowed him to live in the house so long as his relations with the parents were cordial does not mean that the parents have to bear his burden throughout his life,” the court said.

Delhi High Court

The High Court passed the order while dismissing an appeal that challenged a trial court’s order. The trial court had passed a decree in favour of a senior citizen couple who were in dispute with their sons and daughters-in-laws over a house self-acquired by the couple.

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