When the Portland Police Bureau isn’t fighting crime, it’s posting awesome photos on the internet. C.S.I. Walker Berg took this shot through a window on the 12th floor of the Justice Center, when he saw thousands of black crows  sitting on a thick blanket of snow atop the trees. The backlight from the city lamps below illuminated the scene and highlighted the contrast between the black birds and the white snow, making the sight even more awesome. Berg picked up a Nikon D700 and snapped this photograph in aperture mode, using f/16. The police department called it “Crows on Snow”, but some commenters thought the C.S.I. could have named it… (puts on sunglasses) “A Murder On Snow”.

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P.S. For all of you who may not know, crows live in a group called a murder.

Featured image courtesy: boredpanda.com

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