Fidel Castro who died a natural death at the age of 90 yesterday, has been one of the most important face of world politics. Not only did he change the course of politics in Cuba but his norms gave significant blows to the United States by openly defying it’s powers.

Castro has always been looked up as a strong enemy by America. The United States of America has tried a number of controversial way of getting rid of the it’s biggest threat. In 2005, a documentary named 638 Ways to Kill Castro was also released in the United Kingdom which highlighted the many who wanted to kill the revolutionary. Castro came into power in Cuba after dethroning U.S.-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista and his hardcore communism shook the base of imperialism in Cuba. There are more than 600 ways, we know of which America has tried in order to execute Castro with the assistance of CIA, of course.

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Here are a list of one of the vividly and most believable stories of his assassination :


1. Hair fall:

There was an attempt to put chemicals in shoes which would weaken his hair and would thus make his beard fall. His thick beard was a distinct part of his strong identity.

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2. Poisoned chocolate milkshake:
Cuba’s retired state security general Fabian Escalante said that this was one such attempt which came the closest to killing Castro. The plan was to spike Castro’s milkshake with a poison pill which was delivered by US-based mobsters.

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