Shah Rukh Khan- the epitome of romance has completed his journey of 24 years in the industry. As we all know, SRK has tremendous female fan following and he has always bestowed his gratitude on them. On completing 24 years in Bollywood, Shah Rukh’s fans took to Twitter to show their love and support to the actor, and SRK too took to twitter for thank his fans as well. Shah Rukh couldn’t stop himself from thanking and praising “24 beautiful imaginary women” who somewhere, somehow, taught him life lessons. Can you figure out what their names stand for?

SRK’s tweet on thanking his fans, have a look!


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Now check out the list of women and lessons Shah Rukh learnt from these 24 beautiful imaginary ladies!!




14. LYRA. Laugh your regrets away
15. TIA. Take India ahead
16. SWATI. Superheroes wear acutely tight innerwear.

17. FIDA. Family is dependable always
18. AMNA. Art matters, not artist
19. ANITA. Assume not imbeciles take advice

— Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) June 27, 2016




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Celebrating 24 years of SRK!!


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