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21-Hour Haryana Highway Blockade Ends After Farmers' Demands Met

Haryana farmers who had blocked a key national highway for over 21 hours demanding early procurement of paddy have lifted the blockade after the state government relented. | Read more| September 24, 2022 

Russians flee to border after military call-up

Russian men are attempting to leave the country to avoid a military call-up for the Ukraine war. | Read more| September 23, 2022 

Saudi Arabia Announces Discovery Of Huge Gold And Copper Deposits In Medina

Saudi Arabia recently announced the discovery of new sites for gold and copper ore deposits in the holy city of Medina. | Read more| September 23, 2022 

Pak F-16 Package Not "A Message To India" Over Its Russia Stand: US

The Biden administration's green light for key spares for Pakistan's F-16 fighter jets "is not designed as a message to India", a top American defence official has said. | Read more| September 23, 2022 

Boeing to pay $200m over charges it misled investors

Boeing is to pay out $200m (£177.5m) over charges that it misled investors about two fatal 737 Max crashes. | Read more| September 23, 2022 

Iran to join drills with Russia and China

The Iranian navy will take part in joint exercises with Russian and Chinese warships “this autumn,” Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri announced on Thursday in Tehran. | Read more| September 23, 2022 

Chinese imports of Russian coal hit five-year high

Chinese purchases of Russian coal reached 8.54 million tons, up from 7.42 million tons in July, marking a significant year-on-year growth of 57%, according to data released by the General Administration of Customs on Tuesday. | Read more| September 22, 2022 

Rupee Hits New All-Time Low As Dollar Climbs To 20-Year Peak

The rupee weakened to a new record low early on Thursday as the greenback climbed to a fresh two-decade high after the US Federal Reserve hiked interest rates and projected a more aggressive policy path in the current tightening cycle. | Read more| September 22, 2022 

Beer spill truck crash closes Florida highway

A Florida highway was blocked on Wednesday by thousands of beer cans after a crash with five semi-trailers.  facebook sharing buttontwitter sharing buttonwhatsapp sharing button | Read more| September 22, 2022 

Rush Of One-Way Flights Out Of Russia After Putin's Ukraine Threat

A day after Russian President Vladimir Putin's call for mobilisation, the first since World War II, one-way tickets out of Russia swiftly sold out and ticket prices skyrocketed. | Read more| September 22, 2022 

Home Minister Chairs Meet On Action Against Popular Front Of India

Union Home Minister Amit Shah today held a meeting wherein the ongoing searches at premises linked to the Popular Front of India and action against terror suspects, were believed to have been discussed, officials said. | Read more| September 22, 2022 

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