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Uncool check: Pointless Style trends which are better discarded!

Here is a list of fashion disasters which are gone, and gone for good! Yes style is all about staying you but there is one thing red line between being yourself and following trends. You sure have the authority to do exactly what you like | Read more| July 18, 2016 

Ohhh MG! This video has everything about sex change operation!

rom Bollywood to Hollywood, we have several celebrities who broke the ‘Gender Taboo’ and moved on in life | Read more| July 12, 2016 

This White tiger doesn’t want your attention!

Have you ever wondered how animals feel when you cage them and, to add on to our stupidity, you try to take pictures with them? | Read more| July 9, 2016 

China digs a final touch to the world’s largest radio telescope!

China is all set to give a glimpse of its power with a giant telescope. This largest radio telescope will start working on the reality ground by September this year. | Read more| July 4, 2016 

Believe it or not, this luxury car can actually make you float along!

The nightmare that sent chills down my spines is still fresh in my memory. I can’t forget that moment in my dream when my car fell into a river and I was helplessly sinking with it | Read more| June 21, 2016 

Here are 7 amazing parks where your kids are not allowed!

ou might have heard of adult films where children below 18 are not supposed to enter, but here we bring you a list of amusement parks and tourist destinations which do not entertain children. Parks… which are basically meant for children and where, | Read more| June 16, 2016 

Japan is facing a serious virginity problem among its population!

Japan, one of the most developed countries in the world is facing a serious virginity problem among the youth. | Read more| December 21, 2016 

Connectivity will get better with "Internet Balloon" in India

Are you Fed up of those buffering videos? Does your cellphone lose network in some places during trips? Does internet connectivity give you an incurable pain? If yes, not anymore because Google is all set to fight all those connectivity issues. | Read more| May 31, 2016 

WOW! Dwarf planet Pluto gets close up pictures taken by NASA that will amaze you!

Pluto was on the edge of the solar system for decades, remaining unnoticed in terms of detailed information. | Read more| May 30, 2016 

Electric sports car developed by IIT Bombay students is all set to compete with international models!

IIT Bombay students have come up with their latest development – an electric sports car. This car can give a tough competition to any similar model around the globe. It took a team of 75 students and their hard work of nine months to design the car, named ‘ORCA’ | Read more| May 30, 2016 

Coldplay’s new tune ‘Up And Up’ is a visual delight!

See a pearl form, a diamond in the rough  see a bird soaring high above the flood | Read more| May 17, 2016 

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