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WTF! Why did this woman have sex with a dog thrice?

We have always been bringing those stories which have a ‘Lafda’ into it and here is another story to add to the list! | Read more| August 11, 2016 

WHAT?!! Why was this man having sex with a GOAT?

You have many read weird stories on Lafda Tv, but this is something that ranks as the weirdest amongst the weird incidents! | Read more| August 8, 2016 

The big fat kidnap in Brazil worth 120 million!

The headline must have made you extremely curious to know what the story is all about. | Read more| July 26, 2016 

Dalits Protest against Gau Rakshaks: Refuse to Dispose Carcasses

alits in Saurashtra have been repeatedly disposing of cow carcasses in government offices. This act is a fitting reply to the so called cow protectors, who have beaten and horrifically abused four men, supposedly suspected of trading cow skin on July 11. | Read more| July 19, 2016 

WTF! Playboy model under fire after “fat shaming” Snapchat post!

The so called super-sexy playboy model Dani Mathers has made headlines after she posted a “fat shaming” picture on SnapChat. | Read more| July 19, 2016 

Motorcycle masturbater busted after his picture being tweeted timely on the Mumbai police handle.

Disclaimer: This is very creepy but needs your attention. Because this is a common occurrence and you should know what to do other than beating such pervs in question, before you hand them over to the cops. This has happened to me and about 70% of the women i know! | Read more| July 15, 2016 

ISIS supporters rejoice over the attack on Nice.

ISIS supporters have been seen rejoicing the attack on France ( NICE ) which happened on Thursday. They have created a hashtag that translates to “#the attack on the name of Omar Shishani.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, a top U.S. official tells The Daily Beast that ISIS is already a top suspect in the attack. | Read more| July 15, 2016 

OMG! Sex is so important that this woman kills her husband for refusing it!

The term a couple usually uses to refer to an immense intimacy that expresses their love for each other. | Read more| June 15, 2016 

Do you know the reason behind different hair colours?

Scientific research proves that all human beings 11,000 years ago had dark brown hair and dark eyes but as evolution took place | Read more| July 27, 2016 

WTF! All blue-eyed people can be traced back to one ancestor!

Did you know, according to research, all the blue eyed people can be traced back to one single ancestor! | Read more| July 27, 2017 

This doughnut costs more than your car’s down payment!

Are you thinking of buying a car? You are planning to buy it on EMI and have just barely managed to save for the down payment, right? | Read more| July 26, 2016 

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