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What does first come into your mind when you hear the term, extreme body parts? Nothing? Well, from now on you will think either about Cathie Jung’s tiny waist or Svetlana Pankratova’s long legs after reading this article. Check out how the body parts of these people made headlines all over the world. | Read more| February 14, 2018 

People love to have sex before marriage! Read below!

How many times did you get close to someone? How many people came into your life? Did you guys have sex or just had a cozy relationship? | Read more| February 14, 2018 

बाप रे बाप, फोटोशूट के लिए इस हिरोइन ने उतार दिए सारे कपड़े

मशहूर हॉलीवुड एक्ट्रेस बेला थोर्न के नए फोटोशूट ने ग्लैमर की दुनिया में सनसनी मचा दी है। हाल ही में उनकी कुछ फोटोज सोशल मी | Read more| February 14, 2018 


It is every girl’s best friend because no one can gives her company like it does. Woman and their lingerie share a lover hate relationship throughout their time of existence on this mortal world! | Read more| February 14, 2018 

Here’s why young men are turning into spornosexuals!

Do you what  Spornosexual means? A portmanteau of ‘sports’, ‘porn’ and ‘metrosexual’, spornosexuals are men who go to the gym in order to share erotic photos of their toned bodies on social media. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the trend of Spornosexuals is on a rise. | Read more| February 14, 2018 

This man gets bitten on his penis by a spider, twice a year! Read why?

Can you believe this? Can you imagine an insect, biting and licking your private part? Isn’t it disturbing? The incident took place with this man, that too for the second time. | Read more| February 14, 2018 

Katy, Orlando enjoy ‘low-key’ date

The couple hung out at Sunset Hotel’s Tower Bar in West Hollywood in California last week. “They were super low-key and having a good time. They were really sweet with each other,” a source told | Read more| February 14, 2018 

Us presidential election: this famous celebrity is ready to vote nude!

US presidential elections are still more than a month away but celebrities have started to grab attention underneath the voting machines | Read more| February 14, 2018 

This is why middle aged women can enjoy sex more with growing numbers!

Beauty is not always what attracts people. Sometimes greater the self confidence, better the communication skills and ability to deal males, make you attractive like the middle aged women do. | Read more| February 14, 2018 

Item girl Rakhi Sawant wants to be a director now!

The red chilly of B-Town and the controversy queen Rakhi Sawant has a new reason to make space into the headlines. | Read more| February 14, 2018 

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