A “first look” at a wedding is that special moment when the happy couple sees each other all dressed up for the ceremony for the first time. It’s usually a moment full of smiles, delighted tears and hugs. But at one couple’s wedding, a dinosaur crashed the occasion.

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Elizabeth Rex Hundley donned an inflatable T. rex costume to surprise her soon-to-be husband Tom Gardner. North Carolina wedding photographer and videographer Jon Murray caught the moment on video and posted it to YouTube earlier this week.

The footage shows Gardner holding a bouquet of flowers on a bridge. He turns, expecting to see Hundley in a bridal gown, but breaks into laughter when he catches sight of the giant dino instead. He does get to see the real dress a few moments later.

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Hundley told The Huffington Post the costume was inspired by her mother’s maiden name and her middle name, “Rex.” Hundley is now Elizabeth Gardner.

The first-look prank just goes to show, once again, that everything is made better when it involves an inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex costume.

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Image courtesy: popsugar-assets.com

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