Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. They strike out of the blue even when you think you are justified in your confidence. So, it’s better to be late than never, says this video. Road accidents in India, especially, due to furious driving habits, is on a steady rise. Official figures reveal facts on the rising number of accidents in India.

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It was some 5,00,000 in the year 2011, according to Government of India data.

Reports also uncover some worrying facts. One such report places Delhi on the top in the list of highest numbers of accidents happening in the country. According to NDTV, 400 people died every single day, last year. Officials think that major reasons for the recurring road accidents are – speeding up of vehicles and careless driving, which in turn, result in traffic rules being seriously violated. We totally agree.

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An eye-opening video here will show you how things can turn horribly messy in a matter of seconds. The person driving the car in the video probably never thought of such a consequence. Look what happened as he tried to change lanes in a hurry.

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Watch the video down:

So guys, think before you change lanes so fast!

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