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Being a girl was never easy but even in this 21st century it feels like it was never harder.

More the girls are coming out of their cocoon of four walls and stepping out to the world pursuing their dreams, the more they are getting judged, for their actions, for their clothes, for their behaviour and the list is endless.

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Women have been to moon, they are taking responsibilities equal to their opposite gender if not more, but still the locks on the doors are getting harder with every strike on it.

A 19-year-old student,from Bangalore, Priyanka Shah recently did a photo series, which shows how girls get judged by just what they wear at which place!

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She named the series Perspective, quite correctly so.

Priyanka shot some pictures of her friend Aishwarya at different places, like a park or a market and perfectly captured the judgmental reaction of the society based only on the the dress of a girl.

“This experience changed a lot of my opinions about how poople’s perspectives are altered based on ones clothing,” said Priyanka.

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