Akshay Kumar is not just an onscreen ‘Khiladi’ but off-screen as well. There’s no doubt that this man is among the fittest actors in Bollywood and his passion for martial arts and action has made him what he is today. The 48 year old actor is already on cloud nine after his son Aarav has bagged Black belt in Kudo, and now he has some great plans for his three year old daughter Nitara, who will soon turn four. In an interview to the Hindustan Times, daddy Akshay said that he will soon send her daughter to karate classes. This is what he said,

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“She will be starting her training when she turns four, which is not too far. It is important for girls to feel that they have the confidence, and the strength to defend themselves — anytime, anywhere and against anyone. A man can’t imagine the insecurities, and the fear some women have to face on a daily basis. I can only protect my daughter if she learns to protect herself. I wish I could hold her hand for the rest of her life, but I know that that’s just a father’s dream. Whether she likes it or not, she will have to learn these self-defence techniques. I already have a feeling that Nitara’s going to be a little Ninja. There is power in her big brown eyes, and I can’t wait to put that to some good use.”

It’s true that every girl is a ‘Daddy’s little girl’! 🙂


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