Here is something for all the couch-potatoes out there. Here you are struggling with one successful Goa trip and here is this 89-year-old hottie, doing the rounds across the globe.

Baba Lena, the uber cool Russian granny  is proving it by zipping around Vietnam on the back of a motorbike, sampling spicy local cuisine and cocktails – then posting about it all on social media.

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On her most recent escapade she hobnobbed her way across the beaches of Thailand and shared her moments enjoying tom kha soup, the classic Thai dish made with chicken and coconut.

This 89-year-old from Russian city Krasnoyarsk has always been a nomad by heart. She had visited Prague, Poland and East Germany in the 1970s, but stopped holidaying abroad because she no longer had the time or money. Only six years ago again she decided to start travelling across the world again.


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