Want to know the real life Christmas grinches? Then you got to read this article. We assure you will be more than just surprised to know all these information.

1. The smoker who set fire to a Christmas parade float

Christmas Grinches

A Dr. Seuss-themed float in a Christmas parade in Huntsville, Alabama was set aflame by a careless “Grinch” with a lit cigarette.

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Jeananne Jackson of Lost and Found Pets of Huntsville/Madison County said, “Somebody flicked a cigarette out, and it landed in the straw on our float and burned it to the ground. My husband was driving, and I was driving behind him when I noticed the smoke, and other people did too. Luckily, several people came and helped us unload some of the stuff. We were able to salvage some of it, but the house we worked so hard on, that we were so proud of, went up in smoke.”

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The group had built a full-sized “Who” house with a smoking chimney to vie for the $300 first prize for best float, which would be used to spay and neuter cats and dogs.

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