To a 10-year-old boy there might just be very few things that will be more dear to him than his baseball card collection.

But this 10-year-old from Massachusetts taught all of us a lesson when he decided sell off his card collection to raise money for his two friends, who are suffering from cancer.

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“When I found out my friends were diagnosed with cancer, I had a lot of baseball cards so I decided to start selling them to raise money for [them],” Brady Kahle, 10, of Springfield told “I just wanted to help them as much as I can, so I thought that’d be a good idea,” added the kid, who did what even an adult would think twice before doing.

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And so far Brady has made over $13,000 by selling his baseball cards with all the proceeds going toward medical bills for friends Landen Palatino, 9 and Ben Manzi, 7.

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Ben was diagnosed with leukemia in 2015, and Landen was diagnosed with a brain tumor just days later.

Brady’s mom Jessie Kahle said that she was discussing about the boys’ situation with her husband when Brady overheard them and decided to sell her cards.

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