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There are many ways in which you can guess whether your new relationship with your partner will last this winter. Apparently, relationship experts say that things like – what kind of pet name he gives you and the time taken to meet his friends can tell you how long your relationship will last with your partner.

Are you ready for the signs!

new relationship
1. You’re not friends on Facebook:

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If your partner is not ready to make the relationship public on social media, then be sure that he is hiding something from you. Maybe, he isn’t sure about you, or he might be dating someone else.

2. There are no signs of moving in together in the near future:

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If he doesn’t show any signs of moving in together in the future, then be sure, there is something wrong with the relationship and a break-up is on the cards.

new relationship

3. Getting matching tattoos within weeks of knowing each other:

If he suggests getting a tattoo within weeks into the relationship, then be sure that he will be that quick enough to get out of it.

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4. When it’s textbook perfect:

When things are too perfect to the tee, then be sure that something big is coming. Starting from arranging dates to giving compliments, if the man is perfect in everything, then you need to watch out.

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